Dawn at the CBD – the Central Business District of Beijing, where the DZ BANK representative office for China is located

DZ BANK representative office Beijing

Welcome to Beijing and China

Our office is located in Beijing, the capital of China and the political, economic and financial center.

Beijing hosts 173 foreign embassies and has a total of about 35,000 foreign-invested enterprises including leading German corporates such as Mercedes-Benz, BMW, and Siemens.

China is Germany’s largest trading partner with the import/export volume to have reached EUR 298 billion (7.3% of German GDP). There are more than 5,000 German-invested enterprises operating in China. In the meantime, Germany has been one of the largest exporters of high-end machinery and equipment to China for many years.  

Beijing Office helps maintain a close relationship with Chinese correspondent banks and local business partners (like SUMEC) and assist German corporates doing business in China (JV or WOFE), or with China (structured export finance). The office closely monitors China’s market development, and updates on new local laws and regulations.

For job opportunities and career information please contact the Chief Representative directly.

Zhanming Luo, Chief Representative of DZ BANK representative office Beijing

Zhanming Luo

Chief Representative, Beijing Representative Office

Unit 1201D,
Tower D1 DRC Liangmaqiao Diplomatic Office Building,
19 Dongfang East Road,
Chaoyang District 100600 Beijing, P.R. China

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